I am invisible....

I am everywhere and nowhere....

The Red Strokes


There wasn’t an ounce of him that was able to pull away from her, there never would be. Alex and Claire would always be ok on their own, they would cope and move on but if ever brought together again they would be like the magnets to each other they were. Alex knew this and accepted it, he had already put distance between them but it wasn’t enough. Just like tonight he came wandering back.

"I can’t say it either." He groaned, kissing her again. "Maybe we don’t need to. We just… . we’ll be ok." 

Her answer was to crawl closer and bury her hands in his hair. “We’ll be okay.” Claire whispered this against his mouth. “I can’t imagine a life without you in it, Alex. I don’t want to.”

Did he realize that she would marry him if she could? If life were fair and everything was different? As she bent her head to kiss over his bare shoulder and up his neck, she let herself picture this life with him. In this life they were happy.